Monday, July 14, 2008

My daughter B wrote this on her blog a few days ago about the recent celebration of our country's Independence Day:
exactly five days ago people all across our purple mountains majesty country celebrated 232 years of freedom, american-style. i wonder if back in 1776 our four fathers imagined that we would be this free for this long. god has been very kind to us to allow us to be this prosperous for so long. i just pray and hope that it will last for many years to come. after all, we need to think about our kids. just kidding, i thankfully don't have to worry about being a 'mum' for at least ten more years (thank heavens). so how did you celebrate our country's birthday? did fireworks burst in the air above your house into millions of radiant and dazzling colours? did you pig out on potato salad, kfc chicken, or greasy hamburgers? or did you just not care? well, my family went to the beach and watched tons of fireworks. so romantic, in a weird way. it's amazing how this year has passed, already we're over halfway to 09', america's 233 isn't actually that far away. so, what are you going to do to benefit our beautiful country this year? are goals set, lists made? i don't really have a list, but i do have a goal. it is that i will change our world a different way everyday. maybe you could help me, i need plenty of it. after all, one girl can't change the world all on her own, but, she definitely can make a huge difference.

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