Thursday, September 20, 2007


August was a rough month for us as most of you know. But it would have been oh so much rougher without the many good friends that God has blessed us with.

Just this week, a lovely mom I know thru the Five in a Row boards, sent me a book. The book was a wonderfully generous gesture...but even more wonderful was the quote that she had taken the time to print out and include.

"On either hand we behold a birth, of which, as of the moon, we see but half. To the region where he goes, the man enters newly born. We forget that it is a birth and call it death. The body he leaves behind is but the placenta by which he drew his nourishment from his mother Earth. And as the childbed is watched on earth with anxious expectancy, so the couch of the dying, as we call it, may be surrounded by the birth-watchers of the other world, waiting like anxious servants to open the door to which this world is but the windblown porch."

---George MacDonald from THE MUSICIAN'S QUEST

What a beautiful and profound sentiment. What balm to hurting hearts.

This Thursday I thank God especially for my many friends and their acts of love and comfort---food brought, emails sent, visits made, prayers lifted up, funeral clothes loaned, cards sent, hugs given, phone calls made, children watched---reminders given of God's goodness and provision.

So to beautiful Barbara in Georgia and so many others---too many to even begin listing here---thank you for being Jesus to us during this very rough season of life.

I love you all!


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