Thursday, September 20, 2007


Or in my case, dark M&M's, a good book , and a frightfully needed nap!

Today has been one of "those" kind of days. The days that you wonder if aliens have somehow invaded your home or perhaps some sort of mind-altering drugs were slipped in with the cold cereal. All three of my youngest have been total basket cases at various points in the morning and some major issues with screaming and drama from another unnamed source. Then there is just all the "normal" stuff like the toddler throwing up her chewed up tortilla (which she wasn't supposed to even be eating) on the hall carpet, a nasty potty accident (don't even ask!), and kids fighting over books.

I love my children, I dearly do. I just know that I'm going to FEEL a whole lot more loving once several of the little scoundrels are in their beds this afternoon...including me!


Drewe Llyn said...

Help yourself to an extra dose of M & M's. Somedays you just deserve it!

Enjoy your nap!!!!

Rhonda Jeanne said...

Are you sure you're not living my life today by mistake??? Hang in there sister, i'll be praying!


Elysa said...

Thanks gal pals! My nap was awesome and now I'm all prettied up ready to meet my man with at least a half alive smiling countenance.

Pssst...if you see my kids, don't tell them I'm awake yet. I'm still hiding out in my room! ;)