Saturday, September 08, 2007


When I lived in Swaziland, it was
common to see older sisters toting their baby brothers or sisters
on their backs. It was strange to think that
a 7 or 8 year old was being trusted to care for a
1 or 2 year old as they wandered the
neighborhood with other children or walked
down a dusty, country road to a neighbor's house
often a good piece away. But at least
you could be fairly sure that a parent, or at
least some other caring grown-up, was actively involved
if not right at that moment, then at least the majority
of the time.
Now that's no longer the case. Too many
mothers and fathers have died or are dying leaving
older siblings, often not much older than
babies themselves, as the primary caregivers for
younger siblings.
Brady Denger, a WORLD RACER short-term missionary
in Swaziland, wrote about one such "big" sister and
the little brother she looks after:

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