Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Yesterday I wrote on the subject of what's "best", well, tonight I will talk a bit more about "best". This time, it will be about my best 14 year old.

Best 14 year old in town.

Patrick goes to his missionary training camp this Friday before leaving just a few days later for Swaziland. We've been busy buying last minute things (like the crucially important bacon t-shirt and the giant canister of cheese balls), washing clothes, packing, having a We Will Go send-off party, praying a whole lot, and sharing one last burger together just me and him at a sketchy looking place here in the 'hood that's food more than makes up for its location.

I'm gonna miss this boy-on-the-verge-of-manhood. He got his hair cut on Sunday and bought a pair of ridiculously expensive sunglasses at Fred's (a whole 3 dollars) and it's like he grew up overnight. His shoulders even seem broader and more squared off. I can only imagine how grown up he's going to seem when he returns after spending a month away from his mama. This will be the first time that he is away from us for this long and the first time he'll be going as Patrick MacLellan, not part of our family or with a sibling or two but as his own person walking out the call that God has on his life, and all the uniqueness that life entails.

I'll be excited to hear all his stories and look at the pictures, but I'm going to be even more excited to see all the amazing ways that God is going to grow my son one step --- or many steps --- closer to becoming the incredible man of God he's intended to be.

My best 14 year old is only going to get better in the Lord's perfect timing. Is there any better best than that?

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