Sunday, July 28, 2013


...that I'm more than a bit crazy about Swaziland? And have I told you that we're moving there?

Oh yeah, yesterday I mentioned that. And about a 1,212 times before that.

Today, I told that to some more folks. Now for some of them, it was old news, but for others, brand new.

Our little church by the side of the highway has gone through a growth explosion over the last few months. My children's church class is literally twice as big as it was about 6 or so months ago. The teacher who was assigned for this week actually needed me to step in and teach at the last minute due to a family emergency so I needed to come up with a lesson. After prayer and talking to the hubby, the kids and I made plans to share the story of God moving us to Africa. We threw in lots of facts about that nation (darn, I forgot to mention the black mambas...the boys would have LOVED that), told them about things we'd done on past mission trips, and filled them in on what our family would be doing.

Sharing about our upcoming move to Swaziland in children's church.

We also told them that we were going to need their prayer and we hoped that some of them would come and visit us.

After our talk was over, David led them in two Swazi songs. Our "old timers" know these songs as they've been singing them for years. But for about half the crew, the songs are new for them. Can I just tell you that it absolutely blesses my heart to hear little Mississippi munchkins singing in siSwati?

Singing the Swazi song, Siya Hamba.

Who knows, maybe some day, one or more of these kids will be singing Siya Hamba and Building Up the Temple while in Swaziland? Or singing Jesus Loves Me in Spanish at a Latin American church or preaching through a translator in an Asian nation. After all, it was a missionary to the Choctaw Indians sharing a message at our Baptist church when I was about 9 or 10 years old that God used to get me to say "yes" to being a missionary.

The call starts somewhere, and I pray that all of these kids, no matter what God asks them to do, will say "yes". I pray that all of them will be crazy enough for God and the call He puts on their lives to just do matter the cost.

He is worth it.

Absolutely and completely worth it.

And so are the ones He calls us to serve.

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