Sunday, July 14, 2013


We are boys who come daily to Bheveni Carepoint and love having our pictures made!

Okay, so maybe that's not what they said word for word but that's basically what they were saying with their actions when I saw them back at the end of May.

When I visited this carepoint over five years ago, it was little more than a stick, rock, and mud hut. There was no playground, there was no garden, there was no kitchen, there was no fence to keep the cows out, and most of the kids were struggling to stay in school or were not in school at all.

All this changed when God matched up Children's HopeChest with this carepoint and sponsors started monthly giving so these boys, and over a hundred other kids, could go to school, eat nutritious meals daily, receive medical care when needed, receive Bible instruction, and most of all, receive lots of love and encouragement.

There are still a handful of children who need a sponsor. They still need a special friend or family who will write them letters, send them photos, pray for them, and give financially so they can have their basic needs cared for.

And one of the neatest things about the Children's HopeChest sponsorship program? Every sponsor is invited to actually go and meet their sponsored child. And then you can experience like I have, the joy firsthand that these kids now experience every time they pile onto the carepoint play equipment, line up for big bowls of hot food, or dance and sing during Bible time.

For more information, visit this website:

Be a part of the joy sharing!

Believe me, the kids aren't the only one who are blessed by the relationships!

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