Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I wanted to use this post to share some various updates with y'all as well as ask for prayer about specific things.

First, my daughter Betsie and I will be going to Swaziland in a couple of months to do a lot of prayer walking, talking to folks there, look at housing options, investigate ministry options, etc. We have asked a couple of friends to go with us to help us pray and seek God's direction. A major roadblock has come up for one of them. Would you pray that if she's supposed to go, that God will work the situation out. If she's not supposed to go but someone else is supposed to be with us on the journey, we ask that God make that clear, also.

Our daughter Anna has taken on a second job. She is not only the emergency overnight dispatcher for her large apartment complex but is now working for a photography company. Pray for her as she seeks guidance for this summer. Should she get another job so she can save up for next school year or does God have something else in mind?

Betsie graduates in just a bit. She is working to finish Chemistry plus just a couple of loose ends. She is not working a regular job now that Swirly Treats shut sown but is putting in several hours a week doing babysitting, housecleaning, and other short-term jobs. She would really appreciate prayers for continued money making offers and scholarships for next year at MUW. She has applied for a Work Study position at the college already as she will not be able to count on us for financial provision once Jim retires and we move to Africa.

Lastly, thank you for keeping Merry in your prayers. She had her millions of stitches removed today and was once again a tough, brave girl. We are thankful for no infection or concussion and continue to pray against any kind of lasting damage. After her time at the plastic surgery clinic, I took her to get a Hello Kitty prize for being such a good patient. God's gonna use this little girl in big ways for His Kingdom. She's been made pretty amazing by our Father.

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