Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I wanted to take the time to thank all of you who have supported us in varying ways as we journey toward living in Swaziland. The outpouring of love, demonstrated through prayers, emails, offerings, messages, and just the willingness to listen, has really made such a huge difference in this process.

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We still don't have all the answers, but the joy, love, and peace we are experiencing during this season in our life is truly a gift from the Lord.

This past weekend, as most of you know, we traveled up to Zion, Illinois, and met with the folks at the ZEMA headquarters. We had applied to be missionaries with them and for the last year or two, really thought this was how we'd be serving in Swaziland. After long discussions and much prayer, we have all come to the conclusion that we are not a good match for their ministry. We really respect and appreciate what they are doing in Southern Africa. Many are coming to Jesus and being strengthened in their faith and leadership as a result of ZEMA, but it isn't the direction the Lord is taking us.

At this moment, we are still seeking God's will for the direction He does want us to take. We are still very sure of our calling. We know that He does want us serving Him in Swaziland. We know that we have a heart for orphans and my husband especially has a heart for teaching and ministering to fatherless boys and young men. The whole family desires for us to be involved in a ministry that will allow us to all serve together. We have gotten used to this style of ministry living here at We Will Go and look forward to having Jim around us even more once he retires.

We need your prayers even more as we seek God's will for the specific ministry He wants us to be a part of, where we should be living, and other important aspects. We have some very interesting possibilities at this point and know that if they are God's best, then when the time is right, He'll confirm them and make them all work out.

I'll keep you updated on news and prayer requests as we keep traveling this road. Again, thank you all for your support. We hope to see many of you before we move to Swaziland, Lord willing, in 9 to 10 months. If not before we move, you'll just have to come visit us in Africa!

With excitement and overwhelming joy, Elysa


Renee said...

Wow, this is not the news I expected after your trip. But I'm glad y'all realized it wasn't the right match before you joined with them in ministry in Africa.Prayers that you will find the organization that is right for your family

Elysa said...

Thanks, Renee. ZEMA is really doing amazing work in Southern Africa. It is really beautiful to see the lives that are being transformed thru the teaching of the powerful Word of God. But as I said, it just became increasingly clear that it wasn't a good fit and God has something else in mind for us. Please do keep praying. I will be going with Betsie and two of our friends in a couple of months to Swaziland to pray and seek God's direction for many areas.