Tuesday, March 05, 2013


On Sunday, I celebrated my 47th birthday and I promised some details later on. Last night, the plans to blog about birthday minutia was interrupted by something more important, big news for Betsie. But here we go back to the birthday.

The kids just brought me breakfast in bed plus the first of my gifts.  So very blessed! #family #breakfastinbed #birthday #lastbirthdayinamerica #familyfun #breakfast #thankful #lasttimeinamerica  #smiles #blessed #ilovemykids

On Sunday morning, within 5 minutes of waking, the 6 kids living at home plus two extra (Desmond, my "son of another mother", and Rob, a We Will Go missionary kid) came bustin' into my room singing "Happy Birthday" and bringing me breakfast in bed and a couple of gifts.

9 year old Travis' bday note says---  from travis to:  the best mom ever.  thank you mom for being so nice to me feeding me and i just want to say thank you happy birthday to the best mom their is in the intire world -> 2$  #travis #birthday #blessed #not

I got to stay in bed just relaxing, eating, looking at my birthday magazine, and doing stuff on my phone til about 45 minutes til time to go when I got up to get dressed and get the hair all big and curly.

Then it was on to church where I got lots more birthday greetings and had a beautiful time worshiping the Lord and being taught some amazing truth.

Me and my yummy Thai meal made by Betsie with the assistance of Jim and Laura. #thankful #birthday #blessed #foodiemama #padthai #thaifood #smile #happyfoodie #ilovemykids

After church we came home and Betsie, with the assistance of sous chefs Jim and Laura, made an amazing lunch featuring pad Thai, fruit salad, broccoli, and crescent rolls. As soon as lunch was over, it was time to head over to the worship pavilion for the weekly Sunday service at We Will Go. I got lots more birthday greetings there and the whole group sang "Happy Birthday" to me and one of our neighbors, Robert Austin, who had celebrated his special event earlier in the week.

Robert Austin and I both were celebrated today as his bday was 6 days ago. #lifeatwewillgo #neighbor #birthday #smiles

Once the service and fellowship meal was over, the We Will Go ministry family surprised me with a colorful cake from McDade's at the team meeting. I was so excited about getting a McDade's cake as I love their frosting.

Jesus birthday joy is the BEST! #jesusjoy #birthday #blessed #amylancaster #pinkandgreen #birthdaycake #friends #lifeatwewillgo #laughter

Then about 8:30 or 9:00, the meeting ended and we had some more celebrating at our house. I opened the rest of my gifts, ate Texas sheet cake and Bluebell vanilla ice cream, and enjoyed being loved on by the family and fellow missionaries, Ashley Mulder and Levi Gill.

Ashley and Levi joined us for some birthday family fun. #missionaries #wewillgo #birthday #smiles #missionarykid #love #lifeatwewillgo

I also got calls from my mom and dad as well as lots and lots of birthday greetings on Facebook. All in all, it was a wonderful birthday, in fact, one of my best ever! I am, indeed, an incredibly blessed girl.

Why did only half of us seem to hear the "crazy face" directive? #birthday #family #crazyface #gifts #familyfun #ilovemylife  #lifeatwewillgo #sillyface #smiles

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