Friday, March 01, 2013



Okay, so Patrick is the winner because he now is $70 closer to reaching his goal of the needed $4000 for his upcoming Swaziland mission trip.

BUT, Chris Howard is also a winner because he had the highest bid in the auction for South African missionary Bronwyn Baker's painting of Africa.

Bronwyn's first AND fabulous painting, which, by the way, is being auctioned off to raise funds for Patrick's mission trip to Swaziland. #africa #painting #mercy #grace #cross #lifeatwewillgo

We have been busy here at the Faith House painting lots of other pictures to auction off. In fact, we had another paint day on Wednesday and this time my neighbor Carolyn joined me, Bronwyn, and my kids.

Carolyn's definitely redeeming that old teenage-angst painting. #artformissions #neighbor #painting #cross

She didn't get hers finished before we shut it down for the day so she's got hers to finish up. Bronwyn finished decorating the frame for our winning friend Chris Howard's "Love" painting and it will go up for auction this weekend.

On a mission to create. #artformissions #patrickstriptoswaziland #art #painting #missionaries #lifeatwewillgo

Thank you, Chris, for your winning bid. Thank you, DeNise, for your bids. Thank you, Bronwyn, for your painting. And thank you to all the rest of you who have already been a part somehow of helping Patrick walk out God's plans for his summer. We appreciate it so very much!

If you are an artist or crafter who would like to contribute something to be sold or auctioned off on Patrick's behalf, just let us know. Or if you'd like to just make a monetary donation, that would be awesome, too. Just go to the Adventures in Missions website, select the Ambassador program. Enter Patrick MacLellan in the participant field, and then pay online. It is as simple as that!

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