Friday, March 08, 2013


Nearly twenty-nine years ago, I was a freshman at Mississippi University for Women and the Mortar Board Society assigned me a "big sister" in my major to help my first few weeks at the college be a little easier and friendlier. My big sister was Betty Vick, now Betty Hampton.

Today, I got to spend the day at MUW with Betsie, Betty, and her daughter Callie at Scholars' Day. Nearly three decades after we first met, our girls are now friends and making plans to be roommates and partners in crime, er, fun at The W. Today they interviewed for scholarships, listened to speakers, toured their future dorm, saw their academic buildings, talked to staff and students, applied for on-campus jobs, and did a whole lot of giggling and plotting. 

The Long Blue Line continues...  #muw #motheranddaughter #thew #thelongblueline #wgirls #mississippiuniversityforwomen #smiles 

 I have always wanted my children to pursue the dreams that God has for each of them. I'm just especially thankful today, and filled with satisfied joy, to see my girl pursuing her dream at my beloved alma mater with the daughter of one of my favorite upperclassmen ever.

May the Long Blue Line ever grow stronger ... and with new students like Betsie and Callie, it will do just that.


RAnn said...

I'm so thrilled for you and them!

Elysa said...

Thank you!