Wednesday, March 13, 2013


What was up the tree is now down.  Thank You, Lord, for bringing Kitty Baby back to his human. #catupatree #lifeatwewillgo #answeredprayer #blueskiesBright and early yesterday, a neighbor came knocking on our door.  It wasn't someone needing a ride to the bus stop or asking for money so they could by medicine.  It was a neighbor with some very good news.

I've been asking for prayer here on my blog, at facebook, in my children's church class, via text messages, and just through word of mouth, all on behalf of my neighbor and her cat Kitty Baby.

Anyone who has ever lived alone and owned a pet knows that the little critter becomes more than just a possession, it becomes a beloved companion.  The only time during my two years in Swaziland as a single missionary, that I wanted to leave and go back to the States, was when my cat was killed.

Understanding this, and also really wanting to demonstrate love towards my neighbor, showing support through visits, sidewalk chalk messages, and prayers were a top priority for our family since Saturday, when we first found out about Kitty Baby's dilemma.

I am very happy to report that the neighbor's good news was all about Kitty Baby coming down from the tree.  My neighbor doesn't have much money so a friend frequently brings over canned cat food.  The cat food friend came over on Monday night to check on the situation and when Kitty Baby heard his voice, down he came.  Kitty Baby's human companion said they think it is because the cat associated the man's voice with one of its favorite foods, plus it had been up there for 5 days by that point.

But more importantly than that reason, my neighbor is crediting God.  She flat out called it a miracle.

We read in James 1:17 ---

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Each blessing that comes our way --- whether it is beautiful sunset or a recovered pet, a hug from an old friend or a supernatural healing --- is a gift from our God.  A gift not because we're perfect, but a gift because He is perfect and loves us more than we can even begin to comprehend.  Each of these gifts is a love letter from Him to us.

Just like Kitty Baby can't even begin to comprehend how much his person loves him and how much it was hurting her heart to see him suffering, so we are with God.

He is there as a daddy, just waiting, like my neighbor was waiting.  He's got our favorite food waiting for us, a dry place to sleep, and a big ole papa lap for us to crawl up in.  But we let things keep us up in that tree.  Finally, His faithful patience wins out.  We let the voice of provision and concern overwhelm our cries and fears and we make that journey back to Him.  And when we reach Him, He's not vindictive.  He doesn't turn a cold shoulder to us because we stayed away for so long.  He scoops us up, pours His love on us, and then goes and tells everyone that His beloved is safe.  His beloved has come back.

Is He waiting on you?

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