Monday, March 11, 2013


Just thought I'd share some bits and pieces of news and prayer needs in today's post. Lots going on in our lives and in the neighborhood around us.

Me and my sweet Mama. #lifeatwewillgo #motheranddaughter #smiles #family #blessed #ilovemymama

*My mom just spent a few days with us. She, Laura, and Merry got the entire kitchen reorganized while Betsie and I were at MUW for Scholar's Day. She also helped a lot in the clothes ministry and it was just nice having her around. We cherish these times together knowing that soon we'll not see each other very often.

Took a team today to pray for the neighbor's cat who has been stuck up in a tree for 5 days.  Praying for Kitty Baby and his owner. #prayerrequest #sidewalkchalk #innercityministry #cat

*The cat I wrote about it yesterday's blog is still up the tree. Today makes the 5th day he's been up there. Please keep praying he'll come down. The fire department has been by twice and they can't do anything. We've called animal control. A volunteer at the ministry even called a relative who works for a construction company. All avenues have been pursued. Now it is up to the cat and God.

Patrick shared his testimony for the first time ever yesterday. #wewillgo #patrick #testimony #lifeatwewillgo #missionarykids

*Patrick shared his testimony publicly for the first time yesterday during the We Will Go Sunday afternoon worship service. He was honest and funny. I see a possible career as a Christian comedian in his future. He especially had the teenaged girls sitting behind me laughing a lot.

*The auction for Chris Howard's painting ended last night. Karen McGivney is the winner at $60.

One of my favorite neighbors, Carolyn, paints a vivid piece to auction for Patrick's mission trip. #neighbor #artformissions #painting #art #cross #lifeatwewillgo #patrickstriptoswaziland

*We are have painting days on almost a weekly basis and would love to have you join us in creating pieces to auction off for Patrick's mission trip to Africa. If you can't be here but you're artistic, let me know if you'd like to create something to be sold on his behalf.

*Two other teenagers in our life are going to Swaziland this summer, Nick Hodge from our church and Katie Wilkerson who volunteers here at We Will Go. I love the chance to talk about Swaziland even more than usual.

*I also love dark chocolate. A lot.

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