Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today has been a thoroughly lovely day. It started with an early morning walk downtown with my little Miss Merry. Ever since we moved to downtown Jackson, I've been taking the one kid out to eat, just the two of us, once a month. January was Merry's month and she chose to go get breakfast at Scurlock's Donuts and Eatery just a block south of the governor's mansion. It was a cold but pleasant walk past old homes, stately buildings, beautiful landscaping, frisky squirrels, and other interesting elements. At Scurlock's, Merry had a chocolate donut, I had one donut hole and a sausage biscuit, and we bought a bag of donut holes home for the rest of the crew.  The breakfast eats were tasty and the man working (I suspect he was the owner) was friendly and offered great customer service. 

Date with Merry Collage January 31 2013

We then walked off the sugar during our 15 minutes journey back home, I picked up Betsie, and we went shopping for a couple of hours including buying the fixings for Chex Mix. Betsie and another girl are road-tripping up to MUW for a leadership conference this weekend and everyone knows that good food to munch on is one of the best parts of a road trip.

After Krogering, she dropped me off at Rooster's in the Fondren neighborhood where I met my First Baptist Church of Jackson prayer partner for the first time. Beth Aldridge is a lovely woman who, incidentally, graduated from MUW just a decade before I did. We hit it off right away playing the "do you know so-n-so" game, getting to know each other, sharing prayer requests, and completely enjoying our yummy Rooster eats and iced tea. Then, knowing I'd really been indulging with two meals eaten out in one day, I made the decision to walk the two miles home. It was a beautiful, blue-sky afternoon with a temperature just coo; enough to make a long walk refreshing. I picked up some hubcaps along the way that I thought I might hang up on Travis' walls as decorations and couldn't help but smile at the image I must have presented walking down the busy thoroughfare with my load of junk treasure.

The rest of the day included some nice dark chocolate, a good phone conversation with a Five-in-a-Row mommy pal, some quiet time, Hands and Feet ministry, the weekly We Will Go Bible study, a bit of a visit with my bestie Rhonda when she and her Mr. picked their kids up, and a big bowl of Tex Mex popcorn while watching Downton Abbey. Now I'm waiting for Betsie's Chex Mix to be ready before I call it a night and head to bed and read for a while.

As I said, it has been a thoroughly lovely Thursday and I thank my Lord for it. He blesses me so extravagantly!

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