Thursday, January 10, 2013


I love my life. And I love my kids. I know, I know. Almost ALL moms love their kids. But some days I'm reminded how fun it really can be to be a mom. Not every moment is spent refereeing toy wars or listening to wails related to homeschool assignments.

Anna has been home for a couple of weeks over the holidays and she's great at keeping track of cute things her younger siblings say and do. On Boxing Day, we took the whole family to see The Hobbit. Seven year old Merry was quite impressed.

Whole family at The Hobbit!  18 thumbs up!!!

Earlier this week, Anna reported this on her facebook:

"I hope I marry a man named Thorin. If not, I'll just call him that.
 That'll be a big compliment to him."

 7 year old Merry taking her crush on Thorin--the dwarf from The Hobbit--to the next level.

Like I said, I love my life. I love my kids.

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