Sunday, January 06, 2013


I hope your first day of the new year has been filled with meaningful worship, powerful teaching, heartfelt fellowship, and some true rest.

Pray for little Miss Merry.  She is feeling yucky, so bad in fact that she stayed home from an afternoon We Will Go worship service.  She ALWAYS wants to be in the worship pavilion so this speaks volumes.  Big sister Anna is also sleeping and not feeling

Sundays are pretty busy around here with our regular church in morning and then service and team time here at We Will Go in the afternoon and on into the evening. Some days I do miss my traditional Sunday afternoon naps, but knowing that we're doing exactly what God is calling us to do for this season of our family's life is worth it and I do appreciate greatly that my thoughtful hubby enacted Monday mornings as a time of rest for us. It is even a sweeter gesture because he still has to get up and go to work.

So enjoy your last bit of Sunday and hope you have sweet dreams leading into a new week. This missionary mama is now signing off and after a bit of exercising, will also be enjoying some sweet Sunday rest, hopefully a nightful!

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