Sunday, January 27, 2013


I've got some pretty serious things I really need you to pray about right now.

Our home at sunset. #blessings #godisgood #lifeatwewillgo

The first is for my spirit and mind. Since moving to We Will Go, the Lord has just supernaturally delivered me from the fear that used to hold me in bondage. Something has happened that Satan is now using to attack me emotionally and I am freaking out in fear, scared to the point of tears. Don't worry, all my kids are fine. I know with my head that ultimately, the peace and protection we have here does not come from things of this earth, from circumstances, and that my trust must be in Him and Him alone but I need to get this back in my spirit. Jim said he believes that this time God is telling me to choose peace. To choose NOT to be afraid. To choose not to let Satan have me in bondage. Pray that I have the strength to choose to trust Him. Pray that I have the mind of Christ. Pray that I can stand. I can not do this apart from His Spirit. And do please pray for God to move strongly in the related situation. Nothing is too big for God!

The second is for a miracle of healing. Nick Boyd is a missionary in Mozambique who has a serious case of malaria. God is bigger than malaria. He is bigger than any disease. He healed people in the Bible times and He is still the healing God today. Please pray for Nick's body to be healed of this sickness and for him to fully recover. He and his wife Marlene minister to street boys in Tete, Mozambique. You can read more about their work at their website:

Thank you, friends. We could not do what we do here in Jackson without prayer and missionaries around the world depend on the prayers of the saints to help them in this fight against darkness.

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