Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Tonight was the last night that Swirly Treats was opened for customers. All three of my oldest children have worked there so we have spent a lot of happy hours hanging out there and eating their yogurt, my kids have learned many job skills and relational lessons through their time spent working there, and it has been a great source of financial provision for them. They've been able to work there, earn the money they need, and still not have to work on Sundays. Their boss has also been always fair and tried to work with their schedules so they could be off for important ministry and family events.

Last night that Swirly Treats is open for customers.  Anna, Betsie, and David have all worked there.  We are sad to see it close but are looking forward to seeing how God provides for them in the weeks and months to come.

To commemorate the last night, our famiy --- the biological one and some of our ministry folks --- invaded Swirly Treats. Over frozen yogurt and lots of yummy toppings, we laughed and shared our hearts and laughed some more. Oh yeah, and I took lots of photos.

We Will Go invades Swirly Treats. #wewillgoministries #lifeatwewillgo #smiles #friends #family #food #swirlytreats #betsie #david #familyfun #missionaries #missionarykid

Though it is sad to see Swirly Treats closing, we're also in a state of anticipation. David will be looking for a new job, preferably one in the downtown area so he can just walk to work, and Betsie is stepping out on a new faith journey. God has made it clear to her that He wants her to stay freed up to serve more fully here at We Will Go so she'll be just be doing for-pay jobs like babysitting or pitching in as a substitute at a friend's business. For both of them, we are trusting their Heavenly Father to be their provision and it will be exciting to see just how He does this because we are learning more and more that He is faithful to always give us what we need to obey His direction.

"Seek the Kingdom of God above all else,
and live righteously,
and he will give you everything you need."
--- Matthew 6:33

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