Monday, January 28, 2013


In last night's blog post, I mentioned Nick Boyd's need for prayer. Nick and Marlene met a few years ago while both serving the Lord in Mozambique.

Nick and Marlene Boyd Mozambique

After marrying, they moved to Tete, Mozambique, where they have become the spiritual parents for boys living on the streets and dump piles, eating rat-like rodents and without the bare basics that most of us in America take for granted every single day.

Nick and Marlene Boyd building home in Mozambique

Nick and Marlene are totally sold out for Jesus. They love Him passionately and love their boys with a fierceness that makes all the sacrifices of living in Northern Mozambique totally worth it.

Nick is seriously ill now with malaria. They live in an area without a modern hospital. Marlene and others are caring for him at home. Marlene posted this on her facebook wall earlier today:
"Please continue to pray for my husband, he cannot hold anything down and he keeps going to the bathroom...I'm trusting my papa God! It is so very hard to be so far away from our families and friends in a country where they don't have good hospitals. All we have and need is JESUS!"

Marlene's sister said in an earlier post that he is "super weak, pale, cold to the touch, and having trouble breathing" and "is going to the bathroom so much that he can't go to the hospital", "he is dehydrated".

Nick and Marlene Boyd

Please pray for God to miraculously heal Nick. Restore him to his full strength and give strength and peace to Marlene and their Mozambican boys as they take care of him far from their family back here in the States Family and friends may be too far to "be there" but God never is.


Scarlett said...

I am speaking healing over Nick, in the Name of Jesus! May Nick know the touch of Jesus right now and be raised up in the power of the resurrection! I speak peace over them and give glory to God that He is our God who Loves and Heals!

Anonymous said...

From SF(Ugly) Nick and Marlene I Pray for the Holly spirit to Heal you both in the name of JESUS! I know God will give you the strength to push through every trap that the devil puts in your path. Also your Boys from the streets of SF miss you and pray for you both much love. (UGLY)