Wednesday, February 15, 2012


For the last couple of days, I've been encouraging my visitors to Graceland to think about how they could bless others this Valentine's Week. Yes, I love this holiday so much that one day is just not enough for me. So before I tell you how I spent my Valentine's Day --- I know you're just hanging off the edge of your seat to know --- I want to pass on this message from Damielle Brower with Bheveni Carepoint:

Beveni Love4Lunch Thank U pic resized

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in Love4Lunch! The turn out exceeded everyone’s expectations.

If you go to this
link, you’ll see our thermometer is HOT and it has grown.. big time!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Our original goal was $5,000. I chose this because… wow! Five G’s sounded HUGE… and my faith wasn’t big enough! Within the first few hours of the day, y’all proved that it was small potatoes... as was the next goal $8,500!

So we upped the goal again for a few reason:

1. Several people couldn’t participate yesterday but are giving up their lunches & donating today and later this week. You too can donate still here (without a code):
HopeChest Love4Lunch

2. Two more localized events (in specific towns) still need to report their total funds raised.


3. The biggest reason is because last year it cost over $11,000 to provide schooling for all the Bheveni children. THAT was before 30 NEW children started coming! So it is a realistic goal to reach – $11,000 – and it will help provide educational access to nearly all the 160 orphaned & vulnerable children who come to Bheveni for food, love, and hope for a better future! Honestly, my faith in the Lord & in our community tells me we will quite easily surpass this goal as well!

And guess where we are? 36 hours into Love4Lunch & 85% of the $11,000 has already been raised!!!!

CLICK HERE to see for yourself!
We are only $1,700 (15%) away!

The thought of each of the children being told, “YES! You ALL get to go to school this year” causes me so much joy for them that I can hardly describe it. Jesus is answering their prayers through us!!! He is making a way for them where there has seemed to be no way! If our God is for us, than WHO can be against us?

And let me remind you that your God is FOR YOU too! The seed you are sowing into their lives, is sown into fertile soil, and it will produce abundant, abiding fruit in them and in you!!!

He is faithful!

He is Jehovah-Jireh, OUR Provider!

Give Him praise, y’all and forget not all His benefits!!!!

So here’s one more opportunity to give your lunch money & share the SWEET Love of Christ!

Shine On!


I also want to say thanks to all of you who gave towards the Bheveni scholarship fund. I've seen those kids, I've hugged them, sang with them, heard their stories, and I know what a difference education can make in their lives now and in their future.

And how did I spend my Valentine's Day?

Gosh, it is getting really late and I think I'm going to just have to wait and tell you tomorrow. I know, I'll be tossing and turning unable to sleep til I divulge the details. I'll give you a hint, I didn't spend it in my zip code and last time I saw this city's lights, it was from an airplane.

Til tomorrow, try to get some rest and when you wake up, keep giving away the love!


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