Thursday, February 23, 2012


My brother and his family live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and one of the perks that coastal living is that they get an extra holiday that isn't even on the radar of most Americans --- Mardi Gras. Down there, it seems like almost everything shuts down or at least modifies a bit to reflect the carnival atmosphere whether it is blocked streets for parade routes, green and purple wreathes on doors, or grocery stores selling King Cakes.

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SSince my niece and nephews were out of school for three days this week as a result, their mama loaded them and a bunch of Mardi Gras supplies up in their mini-van and headed up here for three days of cousin-fun. Our kids decorated their own "floats", held a parade on the dead-end road next to our house, threw beads, and --- in lieu of King Cake --- decorated cookies with lots of purple and green frosting.

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So does your area of the world celebrate any holidays that most of the rest of us don't observe or maybe have never even heard of?

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