Thursday, February 09, 2012


I've been asked what we would do if we took our kids to Swaziland and they didn't like it. I jokingly said that I'd take them to get their heads examined.

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But seriously, one of the main reasons we took our kids to Africa was because we wanted to introduce them to our new home and, hopefully, give them such a wonderful two weeks worth of experiences that they'd fall in love with it, too.

A conversation I had with my six year old tonight is just one of the many things they've said and done that communicate just how much they did like their future home.

The subject of a hotel we ate supper at while in Pigg's Peak came up after tonight's evening meal. Miss M said to me:

"Mommy, I know why the Orion Hotel is called that. Its because it is named after a constellation. Orion, the Hunter. I read about it in NANCY FANCY, STARGAZER. I want to go back to Swaziland so I can see the stars again."

Yes, the stars do shine brighter in Swaziland. And I love that my little girl is missing doing some African star gazing.

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