Sunday, February 26, 2012


LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE ain't no match to our LITTLE HOUSE IN THE HOOD life we just experienced for the last four days.

P2261051 Cropped 8X10

Yeah, yeah, I know that Pa Ingalls had a panther encounter and the Ingalls were almost frozen a dozen times by various blizzards, but we not only had the excitement of a stolen bike, vomiting during worship service, a rotweiler who found my men to be more of a bite temptation than she could withstand, a dead vehichle battery, and a hit-and-run crunch in the side of our van, we also had the excitement of being a part of bringing the light and love of Jesus to a part of our state capital desperately hurting. We were blessed and honored to pray with folks, share food, paint houses, do light construction type work, and clean out the community garden. We were able to spend lots of time hanging out with the missionaries living there plus meeting folks visiting and hearing their amazing God stories.

Oh, and how could I forget the races?

Yep, the races each morning for the one toilet all nine of us shared in the yellow, restored, shotgun house.

Life is good with Jesus. Seriously, seriously good. I'm just so thankful and full of joy.

And part of that joy and thankfulness is that despite the "excitement" that could have been some "rain on our parade", instead, we all kept just being glad that we were there in inner-city Jackson. For this period of time, every single one of us was right where we were supposed to be ... and we knew it.


Drewe Llyn said...

So glad it was a good weekend with good attitudes! I LOVE your title: Little House in the Hood. ROTFL!!!

Elysa said...

I was glad for a good weekend with good attitudes, too! ;D

And I'm glad you like my title. I loved our little house but I will be honest and admit that I was missing a 2nd or 3rd bathroom coming morning times. The person who came up with the idea of putting in more than one commode in a house was a genius!