Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Now that we're back from our big African adventure, we've got a lot to do in preparation for moving there in two years.

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Today we ask that you pray for us to have wisdom and direction as we seek God's will for the next step in our journey towards serving in Swaziland. We are considering making a move that would make us a part of a pretty intense ministry here in our area. This idea is something I would never have even considered or wanted four years ago. It is amazing how God changes our hearts and our minds.

Part of being involved with this ministry would entail the selling of our house as this move would not just be a move in priorities and use of our time, but also a physical move.

Your prayers for us as we seek the Lord's perfect and amazing will are greatly appreciated. As soon as we know for sure God's plan about this next step, I'll let y'all know.

Wow. Serving God, at least in my life, definitely is full of crazy twists and turns but blow-my-mind blessings.

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