Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I know that Valentine's Day can be tough for some. Maybe it seems like, in the words of an old song, that "the whole world's in love when you're lonely". Even though I've been married for twenty-one years now, I get that. I remember those single years and I've seen various friends and family members struggle with that over the years.

And though Valentine's Day may be, at its heart, a celebration of romantic love (even married love when you really get back to its roots) it is also a celebration of that wonderful thing called love in itself. At least, that's what this Valentine loving girl chooses to believe.

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So if you're lonely this Valentine's Day, or even if you're not, why don't you make it about showing love to those around you and not worry about what you're going to get back from it? I can promise you that it will not only bless others, you'll be blessed back.

Here's some ways you can show love this Valentine's Day even though its last minute:

*Send e-cards or post Valentine greetings online to those who are far away from their friends and family today. Single missionaries and soldiers in other countries really appreciate this.

*Whip up some brownies or cookies, they don't have to be fancy, and deliver a couple of them to each of your neighbors. Singles and the elderly will especially appreciate the thought.

*Call your mama or grandmama to wish them a Happy Valentine's Day. Heck, if you can afford it, send them flowers. It might not be too late.

*Go grab a box of the Valentines that school kids pass out and go pass them out yourself. Its amazing how much a silly Snoopy card or a cute critter card can mean to someone.

*Buy a small gift, grab some flowers, or pickup a heart shaped cookie and take it to the widow whose spouse passed away this year. The first holiday after losing a loved one is usually the hardest.

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*Give up your lunch (or supper) and use the money you would have spent on food to donate to the scholarship fund for kids in Swaziland via Children's HopeChest. You can read more about the Love4Lunch campaign at: https://secure3.convio.net/chc/site/Donation2?df_id=1940&1940.donation=form1&JServSessionIdr004=5dwavr1j51.app331b

And let me say, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to YOU! I hope you realize today, no matter the circumstances, that you are loved by our Father and His love lasts forever.

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