Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is the second part of my journal entry detailing our Sunday spent in Swaziland last January:

After our return, Mair [rhymes with "fire"] & I walked to a few shops while A & B swam. I stopped in Kowloon's ---the sister restaurant to the one I loved in Mbabane --- and talked to the make [siSwati word for "mother", pronounced mah-gay] working the checkout. She said the same Chinese man I knew years ago owns it and I should stop by and talk to him one day this week. I would like to --- also to buy some spring rolls.

I also went to a couple of other shops & bought some mealie meal [very fine corn meal --- a staple food there], sweets [candy], Eet-sum-more cookies [short bread cookies like Lorna Doone's], Ouma Rusks, Laager rooibos tea, etc. We also walked around the booths near the bus rank & bought some necklaces. The lady we bought from gave both of us wooden bracelets.

This evening we ate supper at the hotel.

Afterwards, A & I split 30 minutes of on the pc. I had a good talk w/ the desk receptionist Nolan and one of the security guards. Among the things we discussed was church corruption but that the carepoints were different [in their opinion]. The guard said that his siblings & cousins attended the Mdonsa carepoint [the one we visited on Saturday for so long] and it really was good for them. HE said they always came home so happy --- and they liked the new underwear that was given to them yesterday.

Other things we discussed:

Diplomacy/Govt. jobs
Progress in Swaziland
Poor education worldwide
Land/Building in Swaziland
Difference between Americans and Brits

Afterwards I sat outside a while with A, B, Kevin, Christi, Erin H, & Gary.

Then we came to our rooms. Bets was thrilled to find the last 30 minutes of PIRATES 2 on the tv. My how things have changed in Swaziland.

Tomorrow we visit more carepoints.

I wish I could talk to [my husband].

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