Friday, January 30, 2009


Continuation of my travel diary from our Children's HopeChest Vision Trip to Swaziland:

Tuesday, 1/29/08

Went to two carepoints situated in same region. At 1st one, Enaleni Carepoint, some of our men cooked the food---wow! They used packets that their church provided. [The Swazis at the carepoint thought it was very interesting, even amusing, to see MEN cooking!]

Brett Irwin of Saint's Coffee stirs the pot...literally.

Children wait patiently in line for what will be the only meal of the day for many if not most or all of them.
Larry Bergeron of A Child's Hope Int'l serves up the nutritionally enriched rice dish.

The kids obviously appreciated their efforts!
The pastor [over this carepoint], Peter Langa, was very nice.
Coloring was also popular activity at this carepoint.

Two of the AIM Discipleship Team members, Ncobile Mthethwa & Zwakele Thulile Mamba (now Mrs. Dennis Brock).

Larry prayed for the children and caregivers at Enaleni before we left.
I'll continue with the 2nd half of Tuesday tomorrow.

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