Sunday, January 18, 2009

abba's baby girl

abba forgive me
i have doubted
i have turned my back
all the days i felt empty, it was you i needed to fill me
i cried more tears then i can remember, but not you,
you remember every one of them
ive bled from my pain and frustration
and wouldnt let you close
you stood close by waiting for me to let go and reach out to you
when i felt all alone and despaired
you held me tight and whispered words of eternal love in my mind
when i felt abandoned, somehow, abba, i could talk to you
whether it be in anger or love or pain, i always could
when i felt filthy and unworthy to be in your presence
you would reach out and tell me how much you loved me
how much i was still beautiful to you
i am your daughter, flaws and all
how you could love me after all ive done is beyond me,
but abba you do
you have proven your love for me continuously when i dont deserve it
please forgive me abba
draw me close to you
heal my heart and mind
take this pain and evelope me in your love and mercy once again
im in awe of your great unimaginable self
how could i be so loved as to have the greatest abba ever
you created the world
you formed me
you knew all i would do, yet you still made me and love me
you have blessed me beyond that which i know
please forgive all the times that i dont tell you thank you
i am so undeserving of all you have done and are still doing in me and for me
my heart is yours abba and i can only hope that you think of it as you did davids
i know that i will fail many more tests for so long as i live
but abba please just continue to love me and show me what i can do to come back to you
nothing i can say will express how much i love you and want to do well for you
i want to further your kingdom and show others the love you have for them as you do me
i feel like a failure, but abba please show me my acomplishments
i could go on telling you how i feel, but abba, you already know
you know me better then i shall ever know myself
help me in the times to come
be with me every step of the way
i may be a big girl, but abba im still your little baby girl inside
---megan , a 17 year old beloved friend of our family & beloved daughter of Abba God

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