Friday, January 09, 2009


I'm tired tonight. Dog-tired. Plumb wore out, dog-tired at that. I wanted to post something here but just don't have the mental faculties...or maybe facilities...or maybe both? come up with something original. So I thought I'd share a bit of an email that had me cracking up a couple of weeks ago.

My teenage daughters babysit for my friend Rhonda on a regular basis. Just before Christmas, Rhonda had 13 year old B over to watch her kids. This is what she sent me afterwards:

I bought a small Christmas gift for "A" ( PB Sonic Blast) and
"B" (McAlisters sweet tea). Now, had I been aware of B's
state of being when I purchased it, I most certainly would have
gotten "UNSWEET"! You see, I instructed B to
feed the kids sandwiches and peach yogurt for lunch. She also
had some, and apparently, there is ALOT of sugar in peach yogurt. She was talking so fast on the way home I was waiting for her lips to fly off her face. At that point I had already given her the tea, so I didn't
think I should take it back and was thinking, "hmmmmm....B's pretty
excited today." By the time we got to your house, I was eyeing her
tea..she had only drunk about an inch of it! That's when she mentioned the
peach yogurt. WoW!!!

sigh. year we'll go with a small gift card.

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