Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tonight I watched a movie that was truly amazing. Emmanuel's Gift is the story of a young man who overcame incredible odds...disabled in Ghana, Africa and abandoned by his not only succeed in his own life, but to go on and make it possible for thousands, maybe even millions, of disabled Ghanians to live rich, full, lives of unlimited promise.

This movie is not a dark or ugly glimpse into the lives of people living in difficult circumstances. It's a beautiful movie that somehow manages to communicate the harshness of life for the disabled in Ghana while at the same time doing so in a way that not only inspires, but is also appropriate for older children to watch. Much of the movie's dialogue must be read through subtitles, but it's worth the effort as the movie gives plenty of opportunity for families to discuss issues such as family loyalty, overcoming hardship, the role of faith, courage, the value of education, prejudice, forgiveness, compassion for the "least of these", and even what actions each family can do to help make the world a better place...a place filled with hope, joy, and opportunity.

By the way, make sure you watch it to the very end. You'll be pleased to see "the rest of the story". That part tickled me the most!

Emmanuel's Gift official website:


Jennifer Unsell said...

Thanks for sharing Elysa. I will have to look into this one.

Elysa said...

And even though it probably wouldn't hold the attention of the younger ones, Jen, it's clean enough that they could be in the room with no worries. There is no violence, bad language, male-female stuff, etc.