Friday, November 21, 2008

We're Thankful? By 13 Year Old "B"

Alright, my mum - aka, the person in charge of this Blog - is going to be watching 'Breakfast's at Tiffanys' tonight (starring my all-time favorite actress, AUDREY HEPBURN!!!) for me to see if it's "appropriate" or that other sort of rubbish. She's been promising to "preview" it for the past month or so, but, you know how mums NEVER do like they say they will.
So, anyhoo, she wanted me to write a Blog post for her since she just MUST have a Blog post a day or something like that. So she asked me to interview my little, hooliganish brother and sisters. Here goes:

7 Year Old LG: "Ummm, I'm thankful for Jesus. I'm thankful for mama. I'm thankful for dad, my friends, AND for my brothers and sisters, my cousins and my Grandmommy. Grandma Little Mac (Hey! Don't kick so hard, "T"!), Christmas (OK, as soon as I say, "GO" we have to start fighting. OH! No biting, and you're a Christian....). OK, that's it. (OW!)

5 Year Old Brother T: "I'm thankful for ---- OW!!! ARGH! ----Sister B, I'm thankful for (OYE! Not the privates!!) the people at the nursing home, and Indy, and Mom, and Sister B.

7 Year Old LG: "What about me?!" Says as she tackled poor "T".

5 Year Old T: "Oh yeah, LG too. -OOOOOHH! Don't tickle me!"

3 Year Old Miss M: "I'm happy for my crayons.....I'm gonna go color now." She ran away.

So yeah, they're VEEEEERY thankful for SO-OOOOOO much. *Rolls eyes*
Now, I'm going to interview my bestie, Barron, sitting next to me.

Me: "Barron, what are you thankful for?"

Barron: "Ummmmmm....?(Hehehehe) Ummmmmm, my friends. My family, that we can worship the Lord. Of course you "B" (((She actually said that, I didn't add it!))). That my Grandmother's surgery went OK."

Me: "Is that it?"

Barron: "That's-that's all I'm gonna put on there."

Now, do you want to know what MOI is thankful for? Well, even if you don't you are about to find out!

Me: "I'm thankful that pimples eventually go away!"


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