Saturday, November 29, 2008


After spending the last few days at my mom's house celebrating Thanksgiving, we are home. It was a nice and relaxed time.

We had all the yummy traditional fare...turkey, cornbread dressing, gravies (two kinds) , mashed potatoes, sweet peas (or English peas as my mom calls them and I grew up calling them), cranberry sauce (also two kinds), broccoli casserole, string bean casserole (LOVE those french fried onions on top!), sweet potato casserole (again, two kinds...marshmallow topping and pecan praline), French bread (it's the Gulf Coast, for goodness sakes), strawberry cake, and pumpkin pie (and can you gess how many types?).

Super Dad (my Hunky Hubby) took time to read CRANBERRY THANKSGIVING ( an annual favorite for us thanks to the Five in a Row curriculum), a psalm of thanksgiving from the Bible, and lead us in prayer.

We also watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. The holiday wouldn't be complete without those big floatie balloons and Snoopy's toast, jelly beans, and PoPcOrN.

My favorite brother, Edward, and his beautiful and smart wife Stephanie joined us along with their three kids. Those kids are definitely my favorite Harvey nephews and niece. By far. No contest.

We're home now and with Thanksgiving over, it's time to officially start celebrating Christmas around Graceland. But I tell you, I think that Christmas is all the more precious because we take the time to start the season by saying "thank you" and acknowledging that all good gifts come from our loving Father. After all, at the heart of the Christmas season, it really is all about love and the greatest gift ever...Jesus.


Rhonda Jeanne said...

you mean edweirdo? ;-)

Elysa said...

Yep! The only one. :)

My cousin Beth reminded me on a facebook note that we also called him "Ederd". That poor guy.