Friday, November 14, 2008


Sharp & Sassy Lisa Samson (READ HER BOOKS!!!) tagged me with a note that her fab daughter Ty tagged her with. I'm supposed to list 16 things about myself that you might not know.

1. I have never liked math very much...okay, not at all. I mean, maybe if they had done math with M&M's back in my day things would have turned out differently. But basically math was just something I had to do, well, because I had to do it!

2. I sometimes find certain rules hard to follow. Probably why I'm not good at's so precise. I like casseroles and pastas cause I can fudge a bit here and there and it's totally okay.

3. I am no longer wearing sparkly blue or green or silver toe nail fact, NONE of any hue at all!

4. I love Swaziland and hope God lets me go back there! Oh. You already knew that?

5. I'm crazy about my husband. Oh. You knew that one, too?

6. I've got 7 fantabulous kids. Oh. And you also knew that fact about me, didn't you?

7. But I bet you DIDN'T know that I like to do things in multiples of 12 or do things in numbers multiply to equal 12. ;)

8. AND...I bet you didn't know that I had goldfish when I was a kid named George and Martha Washington.

9. I also had a cat named Fuzzy Ann.

10. But when I found out that Fuzzy Ann was a boy I named him Fuzzy Andy. This IS the South you know.

11. And when I was a kid I wanted to be a boy, too, because I was such a TomBoy but since I didn't know that choosing another gender was a realistic option, I at least wanted people to call me Tiger. Never stuck. Hmmmm...wonder why.

12. And did you know that 12 is my favorite number? Oh...maybe number 7 gave that away.

13. And I'm not superstitious about number 13 though I used to for years scratch the ceiling of the car whenever I went over RR tracks and I used to "knock on wood".

14. And during those same days when I used to scratch on car ceilings and knock on wood, I also used to say "Jinx" and "I'm just tricking".

15. But now that I'm so mature and sophisticated I do none of those things. But I still don't like my hands or feet to hang off the bed. Nuh-uh! No sirreee!

16. And (I start sentences a lot with "and" ) I just had to say that even though this isn't something that's probably new to any of you, I'm passionate about people and truly consider my friends one of the favorite parts and best blessings of my whole wide life! God has been SO good to me!!!


Karen Deborah said...

you just like that piccha! No blue toes? Are you alright?

Coffee Bean said...

Hmmmm... if I was your sister I'd hide under your bed for hours just so I could grab your ankle when you walked by. I'm cool like that.

Coffee Bean said...

I just realized that my comment might seem pretty random... it is, in fact, what popped into my head when you said you don't like to hang your hands or feet off of your bed. What would be more fun to grab your ankle from under the bed as you walked by? Nothing! I wish I had this information earlier. I could have had some fun with it when I saw you last month.