Thursday, November 06, 2008


My interent pal Carole wrote this on her blog. I thought she made some very good points and gave Christians especially somethings to ponder:

Our new President is a 47 yr old bi-racial man, who was abandoned by his Africa father as a baby and raised by his white Grandmother. Amazing and Historical.

I pray his life experience, his work in the Senate and as a community organizer in the inner cities of Chicago, help him lead this country. I pray he seeks God daily, ask Jesus, "how would you have me act?" and approaches all decisions with humility and wisdom. Bless him Lord.

I'm so sad about how some Christians are acting today. Really, crazy fear talk is rampant. Will we step up and be gracious or will we take the easy road? God is telling his people to be salt, be light, be full of grace and mercy.

John McCain said it all so well. In his concession speech he praised Obama and spoke of this historic time in our history. Why is it Christian's cant see it the way McCain does? McCain, the guy that lost the race is acting way more Christ like then most Christians are today.

I understand why many are upset. Issues like Abortion and the fear of socialism caused many to feel a McCain loss would be devastating to America. But the truth is, if you don’t want more abortions then open a Women’s crisis center in the inner city, reach out to an unwed mother. You don’t like socialism giving your money to the poor, then give to a charity, or better yet start a soup kitchen, Job training program, work transportation route. Stop complaining and crying about Obama being president and get busy actually being the church.

Nationally, four out of every ten adults is a born again in the south, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana had the highest percentages of Born again Christians, all over 50%.
Barna research study-2005

So this says that we have more then enough man power in the church to get the job done that Jesus laid out in Matthew 25. The problem is people like to be born again when it comes to morality and voting against stuff but not when it comes to acting like Jesus did in loving your enemies, feeding the hungry, etc. That's too hard, voting and complaining is easy.

So I want to encourage you with this;

Your vote is nothing compared to your life.

Walk in grace and mercy and may we all love President Obama as Christ does. May we be a true representation of the love of Jesus to our president and to the world.

Peace out!

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FeatherIron said...

Thanks for the link love!!

Blog on Sister ;-)

Rhonda Jeanne said...

"Why is it Christian's cant see it the way McCain does? McCain, the guy that lost the race is acting way more Christ like then most Christians are today."

AMEN!!!!! Well said.

Karen Deborah said...

yeah right on!