Monday, November 17, 2008


I had been reading a funny thread on my favorite homeschool board about the crazy names that kids will often give their pets and dolls plus the names they say they want to give their children when they grow up and become parents. It reminded me of a doll I had, her name was Honeysuckle. I thought that was such a lovely name that I decided I was going to name my little girl that when I became a mommy.
That got me started thinking about other childhood memories...some I've shared here before, some I've not, some I'd not thought about for a long time.
I thought it would be fun to list a few random childhood memories and turn it into a "you're tagged" meme. Even if I don't tag you personally, feel free to snag the idea. Here are my memories on this cold November morn:
*I used to call my brother Edward by a really wonderfully kind nickname, Edwierdo.

*I was ecstatic when the lady on Romper Room "saw" me in her magic mirror and said my name.

*I was even more ecstatic and convinced he was alive when the Paul Bunyan statue said "Hello Elysa and Edward Harvey"...I really did not get the concept of sneaky parents and intercom systems.

*David Soul gave me chill bumps in the good way.

*I loved eating toast with mayo as an afternoon snack.

*The first food I learned to cook was PoPcOrN sometime around the 5th grade.

*I had a dream once that a giant sized mosquito was sucking the blood out of my brother's hand. We shared a room when we were little so when I reached across to his twin bed to slap it away, I woke up.

*I slept walked to our new piano at around age 8 and proceeded to pee pee on the bench while playing the piano. Nice.

*My dad taught me how to whistle driving me to preschool in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

*I wore high waters in elementary school...a lot.

*I was the first girl in my 4th grade at Crystal Springs Elementary School to have feathered hair.

*My two friends, Kim Howell and Kim Grace, were Charlie's Angels. I was Sabrina, the smart one.

*I was the dunce on the PTA's bicentennial float and got my picture in the big city paper sticking my tongue out at the crowd.

*My mom was the only mom I knew who was cooking Tex Mex in MISSISSIPPI in the early 70's....she also made THE best packed-lunches around. Little Debbies, personal pizzas---need I say more?

*I wrote a song about Jesus based on the Band-Aid song when I was in elementary school.

*I was so hyper and social in 1st grade, I had to use a belt to buckle myself into my desk so I wouldn't forget and just start moving around the room.

*I used to wear rainbow suspenders and a red bowtie in 7th grade.

*I called my teddy bear Ursus, the Easter Bunny the Easter Sylvilagus Floridanus, and when I ate too much, I was being a Sus. Yeah, I was a geek kid with a scientifically minded dad. I won't even get into what we said when we needed to use the bathroom.

*I was the only kid in Mississippi that I knew of who said "ciao". Did I say I was a geek?

*My Ken doll was always named Charles Patterson. I thought that was the most wonderful sounding name for Barbie's love and wanted to marry a man by that name.

*When other girls were dreaming of being a cheerleader, I was picking clothes out of catalogs for my orphans I'd care for some day in the orphan I wanted to run .
. enough of memory lane traversing. Now I'm tagging some online pals.

Btw, if you've got some free time and need another reason to stay online (don't we all?) then go check out the blogs listed above. They're also special ladies with great blogs.
And if you do post this meme on your blog, let me know! I'd love to read about your random childhood memories as well.


Coffee Bean said...

Your memories are a hoot! I'll try to do this sometime this week.

Hmmm... belted to the desk. I tried to belt our oldest to her potty chair. Didn't go over well...

Karen Deborah said...

no body thought of belting into the desk but I had the same problem could not SIT STILL.
Ok so I posted some of these