Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HER MEMORIES...and writings...CrAcK ME UP

If y'all've spent much time here at Graceland, you know that Claudia Mair Burney is one of my favorite authors and a dear, dear friend. Well let me just tell you, that woman is funny! She has this incredible gift for writing books that both CrAcK me up but also make me think more about God and how He wants me to live in this world. She often makes me examine my heart where the issues of racism and prejudices (and not just the prejudices related to skin color) are concerned but is always seasoning her sometimes hard messages with generous amounts of grace and love.

If you've never read any of her books, read 'em! And if you can't lay your hands on one of her books right away, or even if you can, check out her blog. The Ragamuffin Diva is Mair's personal chronicle of life and what's she facing...the good and the bad...and sometimes the bad is brutally bad and the reflections excruciatingly honest. But through it all is Jesus. She is mad about Him. Passionate about Him. Downright radical about Him.

So go meet Mair today over at her blog. You'll find that she can take even a silly meme about memories and turn it into something special as only Mair can do. And while you're there, get warmed by the love of God that glows bright in her life and thus in her writings.

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