Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today could have been a truly awful day. It was raining and cold and I am suffering from major seasonal allergies and a couple of my kids were being in exceptionally grumbly, mean moods. So as said previously, it could have been a truly awful day.

Oh! And did I say that I had errands to run with about 10 stops on the agenda?

Yep, 10 stops. In the rain. And cold. While all the time having major sinus issues.

Truly awful would have been the natural outcome of the day.

But it wasn't.


Because of the point of most of the errands.

At the beginning of the week I sent out my email, posted here at my blog, and commented on facebook about the need for blankets, coats, and other cold weather clothes among many of the "least of these" in inner-city Jackson. By today I had piles of clothes and blankets gathered up and just waiting to be delivered to WE WILL GO and the WINGARD HOME ministeries.

So picked up and delivered is what happened.

Despite the cold, despite the rain, despite bad attitudes (I actually left them at home), despite feeling like cruddy, cruddy, heart was full of joy. Beneath all the yucky outside stuff was a lot of peace.

Yes, it could have been a truly no good, awful, bad, terrible kind of day...but instead it was an absolutely wonderful day.

Even if you couldn't tell by looking at my sniffling, snorting face.

God is so good.

And now I'm going to bed.

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