Monday, April 07, 2008


How is it that we can miss someone we've never even met? Charlton Heston has died. I grew up watching THE TEN COMMANDMENTS every spring when it was shown on broadcast tv...long before the days of cable or videos. Now my kids have the freedom to watch it on video whenever they get a hankering for Charlton's brand of Moses and the Red Sea crossing. And not just TTC, but also other Heston movies such as, most notably and just as often, BEN HUR.

So as previously stated, how is it that we can miss someone we've never met? It helps that due to the wonder of videos we can still watch him on our television screen, and for that I'm grateful. But there's a little part of me today that feels just a bit empty knowing that this great man and great actor is no longer here on the earth.

But then, I know that for his sake he's in a far better place. He's been not only released from the prison of Alzheimer's, but I can only imagine some of the conversations he and the "other" Moses are having up there.

Both of my oldest daughters have blogged today about his passing. Thought you might want to read their thoughts as well.

We will miss him. I can only imagine how much his family and friends will feel his loss. I'm praying for them right now and praising God that He is a God who chooses to bestow such great talent on mere mortals. And what talent He bestowed when He created Charlton Heston.

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Karen Deborah said...

I didn't even hear of it until now. I was already in the tank today, how soon can I go to bed?