Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I had hoped to write about the weekend's events, but the combination of getting over that strange sickness and a busy mom day has left me too tired to think. SO...
...in lieu of having to do any thinking for myself, I'm going to ask my very smart, well spoken, and in-a-silly-mood teenage daughter some random questions...that way she can do the thinking and I don't have to be cohesive with my thoughts.

  • Who are you going to marry? Captain Wentworth, Darth Vader, or Aragorn. I know that Darth Vader is going to die, Aragorn is going to leave me, so I will get Captain Wentworth in the end. Its all very sad really.

  • What's something good going on in your life right now? Its kind of a good and bad thing but its kind of fun to have older hot guys ask me out and its kind of fun to tell my friends about it because they get jealous. But the bad part is that I have to turn them down because I'm being a good daughter and good daughter's don't date when their parents don't want them to. [Said in a very pouty voice]

  • What's something sad or bad in your life right now? Well, one thing is that I'm about to have to get up and feed the puppy. Another thing is that people are trying to get me to realize that I can't marry my fictitious boyfriends when I say I can! And (with little, squeaky breaks in my voice) my worship band is not performing right now.

  • What'cha listening to mostly now? Hawk Nelson, Paramore, Flyleaf, Switchfoot, The Jonas Brothers....I guess that's about it....OH! BOYS LIKE GIRLS!

  • What do you like most about your mom? That she gave birth to me and didn't abandon me.

  • What do you like most about your dad? That he's willing to give me time because most other dad's don't.

  • What's the best thing that happened today? Ummmm....hmmm....uh....I woke up alive and...and....ummm....I'm thinking......I came up with new story ideas and spent a lot of time with my imaginary boyfriends and yes that is plural because I have one for each dimension and time periods and since there are a lot of dimensions and time periods that interest me I have to have a lot of boyfriends...but not the pioneer or the Victorian times because those are boring.

  • What's the worst thing that happened today? I woke up. I realized again that my imaginary boyfriends were just that, imaginary and fictitious, and I didn't get enough time on the computer.

  • Who do you miss the most right now? I'm not telling you.

  • If you could live anywhere, where would you live? On this world? Yes. Colorado and Australia.

  • Well, your dad just came in and said you have go to sleep now. Is there anything in closing that you would like to say? Fly away birdies, go home to the sun. Good morning sunshine, the earth says "hello".

W.O.W. She's really in a random, bizarr-O mood tonight. And she's finding herself extremely amusing. She says that I would be laughing, too, if I wasn't being such a "hobnob". I think I'm just actually too tired.


Goodnight sweet daughter.


Ten more minutes til bedtime.....tee hee tee hee......



(Photo taken of A's hands after dying eggs at Easter. And "yes, I meant to do that but the dye wouldn't stay. If it had stayed, it would have matched my dress." )



Rhonda Jeanne said...

wow. was that daughter A or B?

Elysa said...

A says:

"B is not a teenager. I'm the only teenager" and she doesn't like it when B forgets that!

So are you sure you still want her babysitting for you? ;)

B says "no, she doesn't. She just wants ME!"

Aahhh...life with teenagers, er, excuse me, life with a teenager and an almost teenager.

B says "I'm a tweenager"

A says "child"

B says "tweenager"

A says "child"

Well, you get the idea......

Coffee Bean said...

Lord have mercy! Quite an imagination that one (said in a Yoda voice).

Rhonda Jeanne said...

LOL! Y'all have too much fun!

Karen Deborah said...

OMG ROFLOL your got a nutty one1 Lock her up for the next 10 years. Dad load the shot gun. I'm surprised that CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW was not on the list. when I was ah hum,,,14 it was The Man From Uncle. Secret agent spies were very hip. I like the blond, David McCullum. There is no way I can spell Illyia Kuriackiem.
Daughter A, can google it.