Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Coffee Bean and Audra!

It was hard to choose between the pranks, there were some really great ones. But ultimately, Audra's post contained both quanties of pranks and her pranks required lots of work and nerve so we chose her. But y'all definitely gave us some chuckles with ALL of your stories and I appreciate each one of you who participated.

Coffee Bean didn't share a prank, but because she linked the giveaway at her blog, she was entered in the second drawing.

I'll be contacting both of you to find out what colors you want for your "LAUGH" bracelets.

I'm going to be doing another book or book-on-tape giveaway soon so I hope those of you who didn't win this time will try again in the next contest.

1 comment:

Coffee Bean said...

tHaNkS a hEap!!! I can't wait to get it!