Saturday, March 01, 2008


If you've been around me lately or done much reading on my blog, you've probably heard the term "carepoint". Some of you might have a pretty good understanding of what exactly that entails, but others might be scratching your proverbial heads wondering what the heck this crazed woman is going on and on about.

Carepoints are places of hope and love and joy and promise. Practically speaking, they are what their name implies...places of care. The carepoints are community based centers where children can gather primarily for food and fellowship but according to how well-funded or well-manned (0r in most case, well-womaned) a carepoint is, other needs are often met including clothing, some very basic schooling, Bible clubs, purity groups for teens, and access to medical care.

While on our trip to Swaziland, we were able to visit several of these carepoints. We saw the hardworking women, mostly gogos (grannies), who daily cook for these children, many who are orphaned, and other volunteers who are pouring their lives out to do what they can to help these children not merely survive, but grow into Swazi citizens who can break out of the ugly cycle of poverty and bring a better future for this beautiful mountain kingdom.

I found this video that illustrates wonderfully carepoints in action. It was made by some short-term young missionaries with Adventures in Missions. While in Swaziland, we were hosted by AIM staffers and I first hand saw the terrific work these folks are doing for "the least of these".

May you be blessed by this and motivated to pray for those involved with the carepoints.

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