Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yesterday I blogged about Seth Barnes and his challenge to dream BIG! If you want to listen to his talk he gave in Chicago on Sunday, click here.

To die happy I need to:
1. Dream God's dreams...embrace God's dreams for my life.
2. Push past the pain that can make it impossible to fully live out God's dreams and experience true joy.
3. You gotta bet BIG on your dreams---take the risk!
So who wants to dream along with me? I'm praying that I will let nothing stop me from living out His plans for my life. I'm praying that He will break my heart in the ways that it needs to be broken.
Click here for the video Seth mentioned in his talk.


Kevin J. Bowman said...


I wanted to give you some links to my preaching that take you through this process with me.

Fatherless is the sermon that started it all.

Then there are these three:
Exile to Kingdom"
Do Not Conform
Sanctifying Grace

These are from the Youth Rally where I snapped. All in all it is several hours of listening, so I understand if you don't want to go through it. But it will give you REAL insight to the last 2 years of what God is doing.

I am planning soon to preach at a church, which we be "From Swazi to Here" and that will pickup where the 3 sermon series leaves off in my life.

Elysa said...

Thank you for taking the time to post these, Kevin. I'm psyched and look forward to listening to them throughout this week. It'll give me a good excuse to stay in my room and clean and get rid of stuff!

Press on, Bro Bowman, press on!


P.S. Y'all please pray for me tomorrow. While I'm talking at the BSU dreaming and risking for God is going to be my main theme. I'm going to start, I think, by talking about Obama and how he's exciting people because whether they even know where he stands on the issues, they see someone who has a dream and is passionate about bringing change to the world. A lot of the students I'll be talking to are Obama fans AND he was just in town yesterday.

What 'cha think?

Kevin J. Bowman said...

I think using Obama is a great choice. Have you read his "Audacity of Hope?" It is an amazing book, about what it means for a people to dream.

I think most Obama fans would definitely relate with the ideas.

Elysa said...

I've not read the book but plan to. Though I disagree with his plans on almost every single issue and I disagree with most of his stands from the abortion issue to taxes, I admire him as a person. I admire the fact that he seems to be politics because he cares, not just for the power.

That said, I cast my vote today in the Mississippi primary for Fred Thompson. Not the charismatic figure that Obama is, but the candidate that I've rooted for long before he even declared his intent to run. He might have dropped out of the race, but he was still on the ballot and allowed me to vote for someone who I really could agree with on the issues important to me.

Anyway, enough politics. Keep praying as I prepare. This thing is really coming together. To dreaming and risking I'm adding the paradox that when we lay it all down and die to self, we really start living.

Now to pray that I'll be able to limit myself to 20 minutes! LOL! Hard thing for an ENFP gal who goes to a free-wheeling, rock-and-roll church.