Wednesday, March 05, 2008


After just posting yesterday's entry dealing with slavery, I thought it pretty timely that this morning I opened Outlook Express and found this sent to me from Jeff Goins at WRECKED FOR THE ORDINARY:

"It is estimated that nearly 27 million individuals are enslaved around the globe today. Unfortunately, slavery has not disappeared, but is a thriving 30 billion dollar industry. Vulnerable individuals, otherwise known as "the disposable people", are often tricked into becoming sex slaves, domestic or bonded servants, or child soldiers.

Many are trafficked across borders and live in a state of fear and hopelessness. Not only is this taking place in developing countries, but right here in our own back yard. The United States not only fuels the rising demand of this industry, but aids in supplying the insatiable appetite abroad.

The last week in March, a group of individuals will be biking their way from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon and back again. This eight-day, 450-mile round-trip bike ride will also include a 20-mile hike through the Canyon itself.

The purpose of the journey is found beyond the bikers' personal gain - it lies in furthering the Kingdom of God. The goal: to raise awareness about Modern Day Slavery that will motivate a generation to action. It's a call for the body to step up and fight for justice. Please join us the week of March 23rd in the fight for justice."

Read the rest of the article Biking Against Human Trafficking by Stephanie Fisk at:


So many of us, myself included, thought that slavery (except in rare cases) was abolished a long, long time ago. Unfortunately its just not true. What will OUR generation do to fight this atrocity? Will we be the ones who not only say "no one should should have to live this way" but will we also be the ones that do the actions necessary to set the captives free?

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