Friday, February 29, 2008


Jeff Goins is wrecked...wrecked for the ordinary, that is. Several years ago he got a wake up call spiritually from God. He set out on a Holy Spirit led journey that would take him places and have him involved in things he could never have imagined growing up. And while in Mexico ministering, the Lord spoke to him about "shaking the branch" in America, "waking up the fruit that is to be used before it falls to the ground and rots". Jeff's life is now dedicated to not just following God's radical path for his life, but encouraging others to abandon it all for the sake of God's call.

I came across this at Jeff's blog:

I think we are all wanderers, searching for something.
Some of us feel like foreigners in a strange land, like the sea lion who lost the sea. Others have given up the search and camped out in a world in which their passions and talents do not fit, conforming to what they see around them, silently screaming inside.

Most of us, I think, fall somewhere in between, unsure of what is to come and discontented with what has been, desperately restless in our spirits for true adventure, beauty, and intimacy.

What's totally uncanny is how someone I've never met, only emailed, could describe so accurately the discontent that I've experienced since returning from Africa. Obviously, there are a whole lot of others out there who are no longer satisfied with the way things have been going.


For more of Jeff's writings and thoughts, visit his blog or the online magazine WRECKED FOR THE ORDINARY where he is editor-in-chief.

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A Joint Venture said...

thanks for the kind words, elysa! blessings on your journey as you process what's next in this crazy thing called the faith-walk.