Monday, March 24, 2008


I've told you about my friend Christi Bowman before (see my previous post). She and her husband Kevin were with us on our Swaziland and since their return to the U.S., God has been doing some incredibly amazing things in their life...especially in Christi's. She's entered into a realm of relating to God that she had never even imagined she could have before. Every day God is revealing Himself to her as she reads His word, prays, and just goes about her regular ole mommy/wife routines.

Last week she posted this on her blog and I just had to share here at Graceland:

Many of you know that we are being called to Africa. We talk about it often. I like to talk about it like our affairs are in order. I am starting to live like it too. Not much about my place interests me, and when I organize and clean, I do it while deciding what we are going to give away. I have conversations with myself about what we will actually be able to take, and how we will get it over there. In my mind we are already there...and I have started living like it.

Today, I asked Kev if I could have his van to run an errand. His van has something that I can connect my MP3 player to, so that I can listen to it via the van speakers. He came over with the keys, and said "you know we could get one of those installed in your car". Immediately the idea was distasteful to me. I thought why would I bother...we are leaving...and we are not taking our cars...they are of no use to us there.

As I was driving, I thought how funny it was that I was making decisions in the present, based on my future home. And then I thought about how earth is really not my home at all...heaven is...and wouldn't it be nice, if I could make decisions that reflected that just as easily. I want all of my earthly possessions to be just as distasteful...why bother...they all mean nothing where I am going.


Karen Deborah said...

Hit that nail on the head, WHAMMO! TRUTH rock on chica. your next E.

Coffee Bean said...

Wonderful food for thought!