Thursday, February 07, 2008


...whatever that means.

We've been back nearly 4 days now and in many ways things are settling back down. My sinus crud is going away, the kids aren't quite as needy, and I'm back to the daily routines of laundry, cooking, and homeschool lessons. But in other ways, things will never be the same. I cringe when we talk about spending money on a luxury that I know would feed a child in Swaziland for months. I mentally roll my eyes when I hear some relatively rich American complain about how hard things are for them in some area that's really not that major when I think about the life and death situations going on in other parts of the world. I feel angry when I hear my children complain about the food prepared for their meal.

So life will never be completely "normal" again...but then, I guess its a good thing. When I get too comfortable and self-satisfied, then it means I've probably forgotten that I'm not in this life to serve myself but to be Jesus to those in need. I guess the pain is necessary to keep me from being too self-absorbed. I need to keep fresh in my mind the things I saw and experienced in Swaziland. I need to remember that the $5 I would so easily plunk down for yet another pair of earrings at Claire's could instead buy much needed medical supplies for an orphan who is fighting to survive. I need to remember that I am over and abundantly blessed NOT so I can squander it on my petty wants, but so that I can be a blessing to others. I need to live more simply so that others can simply live.

We saw so much in such a short amount of time. I have many things I want to share. But right now my heart and mind are almost too full to try to put it down in words. I feel like if I start I'll never be able to stop. My days don't have enough hours to tell all the things I want to share. So for now, I'll share some of our Swazi journey thru photos and in time, share more of our story....of THEIR story.

These photos were taken at the first Care Point we visited on January 26. While there, daughter B participated in a sack race, we and the children enjoyed a meal of mealie meal (pap) and beans, we danced and sang along with the Swazi children, watched their thankful joy as they rec'd new undies, viewed the updating of profiles, observed a Bible club session, and just enjoyed their love and laughter. Despite the tragic crisis going on, the Swazi people have not lost their warm, joyful attitudes.


wilsonian said...

Glad that you're finding your feet.
I still can't talk about the trip without crying. Somday...

stacy said...

so glad God answered prayers regarding safe travel...looking forward to seeing the results of God's work in and through you because your trip! \o/

KellyJean said...

Oh... I just love the picture of them holding up all the underpants!

I look forward to their story when you are able to tell it.

I know all your little'uns are glad to have Mama and the big sissies home!

Beth said...

Hey Cuz,

Love the pictures. It really puts things in perspective when you see those children and how frightened they must be all the time.

I feel so blessed to be in this country, with all it's problems, it's still the greatest country.
So very sad.