Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I had really hoped to post more trip details along with photos, but unfortunately, along with bead necklaces, animal carvings, Swazi candles, and postcards, I also brought home an extremely bad case of sinus crud. My voice is gone completely the majority of the time...not very conducive to sharing Swazi stories...and the nighttime coughing fits are keeping me tired during the day.

Y'all pray for me, okay?

And hopefully in the not too distant future, I'll be able to share more about our incredible time in Africa.


Rhonda Jeanne said...

Definitely praying!

Stephanie said...

waiting to hear your stories and hope you feel better. The crud has us here as well. Of a different sort though,

Beth said...

Hey Darlin' so glad to read that ya'll are home and safe, I can breath easier. I said a prayer for your recovery and hope to hear from you soon enough. Sorry if I forwarded too many things to you while you were gone, just pick through at your leisure.
Love You Bunches Cuz, Beth