Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's inspiring me right now
I have loved the music of Rich Mullins for years. Its beautiful, its poetic, and its laced with God's grace.
Only this week, did I discover that I also love the writings of Rich Mullins. In THE WORLD AS I REMEMBER IT: THROUGH THE EYES OF A RAGAMUFFIN, a compilation of columns written for the RELEASE publication, Rich eloquently gives us a glimpse into his heart and the journey this ragamuffin took as he sought to be a true follower of Jesus.
Here is an excerpt from the chapter I read aloud to the family on the way to church service this morning:
It is the same way with strength. Gad calls us to "be strong" and we mistake that for a call to omnipotence. We confuse strength to endure trials with an ability to walk unfrustrated through life. We convince ourselves that if we were strong we would never fail, never tire, never hurt, never need. We begin to measure strength in terms of ease of progress, equate power with success, endurability with invincibility, and inevitably, when our illusion of omnipotence is shattered, we condemn ourselves for being weak.
Rich left us for Heaven on September 19, 1997...but his writings and music will ensure that a wonderful part of him will not only always be with us, but will continue to encourage us on our journey.


louise said...

Hi Elysa!
Louise (aka louiseinatlanta) here. Just wanted to say hi! ;-)
This looks like a great read!

Elysa said...

Hi Louise!!!

Good to "see you" again. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you can read this book. Its really been touching my heart and soul.