Monday, June 04, 2007


Author Lisa Samson, has posted an urgent request at her blog, . I told her that I would help spread the word about this crucial ministry to girls who have escaped from the sex slave trade in Mexico. Here's what Lisa has to say---

"Here's an opportunity for us to really lend a hand (or a deep pocket) to help girls who are kidnapped for the sex slave trade in Mexico. If you'd like to donate to help supply building materials for the Safe House going up, go to If you're handy with tools and can go to Mexico to renovate, go on over to the site as well. Please, please, please give. The paypal page is easy and even if it's just a little, it all helps. What a worthy ministry to support. Gospel undefiled right here.

And pray for these little girls and their families. Dear Lord, have mercy. Get them out of this and give them peace. Keep them safe and bring them through somehow.

From my friend, Patty Hickman:

Additonally, over this past year we became aware of the plight of little girls in Mexico who are being kidnapped and forced into the sex slave trade. It is a heart breaking crisis.

We found through missionaries we support some donated land and we are working with a woman who has experience in helping these girls out of prostitution. She emailed of their progress this week. They have the land and a house that is still in need of renovation. But she was hit with 400 calls when she got word out on the street, 400 girls begging to be brought home and helped.

Her counselors are to the breaking point and in need of a break. One counselor, having worked night and day without rest, resigned, exhausted and desperate for help.

This area was reported through a TV news magazine as being Grand Central Station for this evil trade. Then word was out on the street this week that 400 little girls' bodies were found, murdered by these monstrous men called the Mexican Mafia who kidnap these children. There are now 2000 children kidnapped in Mexico, their families desperate to be reunited.

We are working to rally some Christian psychologists, and the money to get them over there. We also need to organize a group of people willing to go in and help renovate the safe house. So we need funds and willing and capable help. I thank you for praying for this project. It is called Girls 4 God.

They have to work in secrecy or risk attack themselves. It is a very dangerous work, but God isn't afraid of anyone and He is the source of our supply. But this week they're especially asking for prayers for a covering of protection."

Would you please pray for this ministry and all those poor innocent girls trapped in a horrific life of forced prostitution. Also, would you consider giving financially?

For more information visit:

Thank you.


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